Zinc-Nickel Chromate Product Hilights

Chromating, or chromate conversion coating, is the process of converting the plating layer to form a thin layer of chromate. For zinc-nickel chromates, the chromate layer acts as an inhibitor that improves the plated part’s resistance against corrosion.

Parts undergone zinc-nickel chromate
Parts undergone zinc-nickel chromate


  • Jasco 988S1C1
    • Suitable for both rack and barrel plating
    • Hexavalent chromium-free
    • Good corrosion resistance
  • SCTC MI-180
    • Cobalt-free
    • Good impurity resistance


  • Jasco 988RSC
    • Improved corrosion resistance
    • Easier management of waste water
  • NysTec NT-Chrome 97
    • Very good corrosion resistance
    • Yellow-purple-ish finish


  • 5W115
    • Very good SST corrosion resistance
    • Dark black appearance
    • Easy bath control
  • SCTC MI-380
    • Good corrosion resistance
    • Good impurity resistance

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