Pre-Treatment Product Hilights

Pre-treatment is an important stage in any plating process. A good pre-plating cleaning is essential for good plating adhesion and end result. Thai Kelly provides many products for the pre-treatment process.

A pre-treatment tank
  • Soak Clean
    • Jasco Plusclean A
      • Silicate-free
      • Effective against all types of oils
      • Large operating temperature range
    • Nystec NT-Clean 204
      • Long usage life-time
      • Low cost
  • Acid Clean Inhibitor
    • Jasco AID 48
      • Reduces odor by prevent gas buildup
      • High efficiency of inhibition
    • Jasco 2R059
      • Effective against rust and scales
  • Electro Clean
    • Jasco Plusclean B
      • Silicate-free
      • High electrolytic efficiency
    • Nystec NT-Clean 205
      • Effective against rust and welding scales

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