Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc Plating Product Hilights

Non-cyanide zinc plating offers a much safer and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional zinc plating solutions while still retaining the quality zinc plating. By eliminating cyanide, the plating process produces less dangerous waste and reduces plating workers’ exposure with the dangerous chemical.

Screws plated with alkaline non-cyanide zinc
  • Jasco Hyperzinc 330AB
    • Suitable for barrels and racks
    • Excellent for bright appearances
    • Good low current density throw
    • Resistant to impurities
  • Jasco Hyperzinc 9503
    • Suitable for racks
    • Bright appearance
    • Good low current density throw
    • Easy bath control
  • Pavco Merlin
    • Mirror bright finish
    • Excellent zinc deposit distribution
    • Great adhesion and ductility
    • Luster comparable to chloride zinc
    • Excellent chromate receptivity
    • Suitable for both sodium and potassium based solutions
    • No requirement for routine solution purification process

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