Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Why waste water treatment?

Working in heavy industries means following stringent guidelines and laws in regards to chemical discharges from industrial plants. Waste water must be treated to government standards to avoid fines and sanctions. Such standards includes a broad range of requirements, ranging from the various amounts of metals allowed, the acidic content of the discharge, the amount of oil and grease dissolved in the water, and more.

Waste water treatment is no simple task, with a large amount of treatment steps to cover the various needs to meet government regulations. An increase in efficiency can significantly lower waste discharges and operating costs by reducing waste and allowing re-use of treated water. Well treated water not only means less issues with meeting government standards, but better worker health as harmful material is removed from recycled water.

Better efficiency are met with better treatment chemicals. As such, we at Thai Kelly are proud to present a new catalog of products to choose from, covering the various needs you may encounter.

Proven treatments

Our new catalog are not untested. Our partners and suppliers has have many experiences and success stories with these products overseas. They will gladly provide support as needed to users in Thailand. You can visit their website here (Website is in Chinese).


For treating waste water contaminated with metals and alloys such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and more, Plexon® can be used.

Plexon® is a series of multi-function precipitants formulated from Germany. It is anti-complexing and good for dealing with Zn-Ni contaminated waste water, among others.

Waste water results from an overseas factory after switching to Plexon®


Neosorb® is a series of single-dose powder type flocculants. It is ideal for improving sludge formation, drainage, and reducing water content in captured sludge.

As a single-dose powder, Neosorb® acts as an all-in-one package capable of precipitating, flocculating, and defoaming. This eliminates the need for separate chemicals for each step, increasing efficiency from a better balance of each step’s capabilities.

Other needs

Our catalog doesn’t just end with Plexon® and Neosorb®; other chemical treatments are available. If you have a problem with waste water, contact us, we’ll see if we can provide you with a solution.